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My work is based on the following theses:

I work with people, teams and organisations on a uniform understanding of leadership and the joint development of leadership competence. Together with owners, top executives and managers, I develop binding leadership guidelines and strengthen the ability to lead teams and company divisions by organization developing impulses.


A method for the implementation of change and maintenance of the organizational culture.


An institute for training and workshops in the management of employees, departments, customers or functions.

Fascinating presentations

Presentations by Mark Jänsch offer a perfect mix of motivation and inspiration at your event. Inspiring, informative and always scientifically founded. Your participants, customers or employees will be enriched with impulses for everyday life, whose effect will continue long after the event. Exciting and humorous, entertainingly presented and with a multitude of examples from an international context. Tailored to your personal environment, Mark Jänsch will give presentations at your event on the following topics.

Is everybody crazy these days?

Leading through the digital transformation

Everything’s getting insecure. Everything’s changing faster than ever before. The digitization of all areas of life is the great challenge of our time.

What is the best way to deal with the side effects of these challenges? How do you lead people who are deeply unsettled? Which competencies and skills in customer, employee and company leadership are necessary for this and how can they be acquired and maintained?

How do companies like uber, airbnb, but also German companies, like car2go, manage to anchor their personal leadership qualities in the company?

With this presentation you will receive a concentrated load of insight into modern leadership methods and necessities.

Ideas are worthless!


Many current innovations present us with serious challenges. The own creativity and the handling of innovations are becoming increasingly important. For this purpose, the company-wide day-to-day innovation process is presented.

How can we remain innovative despite success, create a culture of innovation and integrate creativity into everyday life? What can you learn from international start-ups?

The present time demands a permanent reinvention, a consistent testing and the ability to continuously question oneself.

In this presentation you will learn how to establish a positive testing error culture, challenge creativity and live innovation while maintaining high quality standards.

I only sell to friends!


“Social media sales” is the new buzzword. Many people talk about it, but nobody really knows what social sales is, how it can be applied and for whom it is suitable. More than 70% of all customers, B2C and B2B inform themselves in social networks before making a purchase decision. The integration of social media into the sales process leads to a 30% increase in turnover.

Every product and every service can be mediated via social media such as Facebook ect., but also via individual social media such as Xing and Linkedin. But how exactly does this work? What exactly do you have to do there, who does it and how often?

This presentations clears up many reservations and doubts, shows in detail which social media work and which do not. On the basis of cross-industry and international best practice examples, this presentation explains how social media can increase sales and the reach of your company.

I hate customers!


Winning new customers is much more expensive than keeping existing customers. Some companies succeed in attracting lifetime customers. Customers who remain loyal to one company and one product throughout their entire customer lives. How does it work? How is this even possible and what does it depend on? International as well as German examples of lifetime customers who succeed in building customer loyalty show how relatively easy it is to avoid the eternal battle for new customers.

Mark Jänsch

I founded my company based on three insights as an entrepreneur, trainer and lecturer:

I face these challenges myself every day. To deal with these requirements, I train with teams or in open groups. It motivates me to bring people forward in their professional environment. Through agile leadership, the own ability to innovate and stronger, modern customer loyalty.

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