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Zeitgeist leadership

In the Leadership Camp, executive boards, management teams, management teams and entire management levels are aligned on two levels. The strategic goal and the design of the path to the goal are unified.

Where do we want to go and how do we take the whole organization with us? With a uniform leadership statement. The result is a leadership culture that allows the entire company to react to challenges and changes. In the Leadership Camp, the definition of the “common strand” and the way everyone pulls at it at the same time emerges.

Uniquely effective training. Highly recommendable."
Stuart Hardy
Just right. Very descriptive and informative. "
Head of Communications
Mark Jänsch trains what is really important."
Head of Communications



Leadership in Digital Transformation

The digitization of all areas of life brings us new challenges. The so-called 21st century skills are already indispensable in employee, customer and company management. Classic leadership models are increasingly failing in the rapidly changing situations of personal and professional environments. How do managers deal with the social tendency towards unconditional self-determination? In this training, competencies and methods are trained on current and own case studies in order to lead successfully and sustainably in the digital transformation.

FORMAT: One to three day training sessions with New Work teams and teams at a distance.


Leadership Alignment

Especially for top executives it is important that they have a uniform message and direction within the company. The Leadership Camp brings together people with leadership responsibility. The lack of weighting of overall results before
individual results and the discrepancies in the cooperation – even in top management teams – are resolved. The result is a uniform leadership codex, a individual management definition in which all employees are addressed jointly and taken along.


  • Board retreats and meetings

  • Leadership Events

  • Departmental meetings

Ideas factory:

Innovation Camp

Innovation, the generation and processing of ideas, is the most important aspect in the digital 21st century, more than ever before. But how can a company do this from within its own ranks?In this training course, current tasks and problems of the participants are dealt with intensively and tangible and actual results are achieved. At the same time, entrepreneurial attitudes and skills are promoted, techniques and methods are taught so that innovations can be developed independently and successfully even after the training.


Customer relation through customer guidance

Winning a new customer is incredibly expensive – often far more expensive than your own product. Binding an existing customer for a long time is often cheaper and not as difficult. In this training, leadership and bonding tools are developed with which customers can be met at an eye level and led authentically from a customer status to an open and honest friendship status.

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